Easy and practical solution to receive orders fron you agents at the speed of light, and find them automatically uploaded into your management software.

Receive orders in real time

The GEasy Order softawre by Gea Soft enables you to receive in real time the orders that you agents place when visiting customers.

Codes? No, thanks!

All they have to do is use their tablets, equipped with the GEasy Order app by Gea Soft. With few quick inputs, without using any code, just tapping on images, they will create orders with variations and size breakdowns.

All this can also be implemented by using barcodes.

The breakdown selection, made easy by the SCROLLING function, completes order input, and the copy of it will be sent by mail to the customer after he has signed it directly on the tablet.


With the “Synchronize” function order will be automatically sent to your office, to be ulloaded into your management software (even if you are not using a Gea Soft product). The phase of order inputting will be avoided, and precious time on delivery dates will be gained.

With GEasy Order distances and contact time with your agents are remarkably reduced, enablint them to send collected order from their tablets to your managment software, even if it is not by Gea Soft.

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