Today more than ever, in a footwear company the phase of collection building requires speed, precision and organization. Until the present day spreadsheets (Excel and similar softwares) were the most common instruments to manage technical sheets, prices, sample labelling and sample production. GEA SOFT, informatics partner of over 200 shoe factories in the last 20 years, has conceived a simple and quick instrument to help the footwear industry better organize this crucial phase; “GEA STYLE“.

The ease of use is its main feature, as it requires no database to be coded: it stores information in the moment when they are typed in.

Easy technical sheets management

You can create the technical sheet of the sample directly from the prototype, and later on confirm it as a sample or enter it directly as a sample, and have a subdivided database to query whenever and how you want, thanks to our easy search criteria.

Quick production sheets creation

You can create production sheets for samples and countersamples in a quick and easy way, and in the same time calculate raw material consumption. When printing production sheets, sample labels will be automatically printed, too. When creating a production sheet there is no need to have previously created the technical sheet of the model, as it will be automatically generated by the production sheet that you have just entered.

Auto sample price calculation

You can automatically calculate the sample price, with the possibility of changing all data to verify costs and the incidence of raw materials and production phases.

Easy search functions

It will be easy to search the technical sheet of an article sampled in a given season for a given customer… for which a given price has been assigned!

The Gea Style sofwtare is an easy and extremely flexible PDM (Product Data Management), for an easy integration to product data management of any footwear or leather goods manufacturer.

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