GEA EDILE is an ERP specifically made for construction material warehouses and show rooms. Starting from a minimum configuration its modular structure enables shoe factories to integrate the woftware later on further modules according to their present needs.

GEA EDILE archives are open to the most common procedures by Microsoft (WordExcelAccess).

The software can associate JPG images to documents (such as production sheets) and can send as enclosed files to e-mail any print or document.

The platform used can be either CLIENT or SERVER-CLIENT and exploits the most used operating systems and databases (all versions of Windows and Linux). The problems faced and solved concert all typical company areas in this field, such as:

Sale on the store yard through the use of PDA (handheld devices) with barcode reader

The integration of this technology in GEA EDILE has made it easier for warehouse members getting ready the materials that the customer is about to buy, including articles stocked in the store yard, with no need to write down details to communicate to the colleagues for the issue of sales documents. This procedure eliminates potential errors, wrong interpretations on the part of who reads the note and other kinds of problems.

Moreover, thanks to this technology stock taking in the warehouse is easier, even more than once a year, so that the company will not be forced to close for inventory.

Optimization of warehouse supplies

GEA EDILE enables, to automatically generate the “below the minimum” quantity, to be assigned to articles through an algorithm linked to sales. Thus, warehouse supplies will be optimized and the index of article rotation increased. This will be a contribution to reduce the economic exposure of the compay.

Purchase / sale price list

Through its configurator, GEA EDILE makes it possible to automatically show variations in the price lists of any supplier, simultaneously.

Thanks to this feature your sales price lists are updated.

The show room

With GEAEDILE you can compile price estimates retreiving data from the digital catalogue instead of browsing the old paper catalogue; the Control Progress feature will enable you to check the evolution of the customer’s order.

Payment control

If you give credit to your clientele, with GEA EDILE you will have the possibility of checking anytime the evolution of payments and prevent potentially risky situations.

With the Gea Edile software you can take complete control over your building material warehouse or your show room, with an optimal management of price lists, store yard sale and warehousing.

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