With specific features for the sector, Visual MES optimises production, helps to get the most out of each production resource and offers a real-time view of the production department, the heart of the company.

  • It recreates the processing cycle on a Visual Layout.
  • It directly draws the process flow in WYSIWYG mode (“what you see is what you get”) to define the processing cycle.
  • Tabular records are reconstructed by the Agatha Engine in a transparent and automatic way.
  • Unlimited number of phases and parallel paths.
  • Possibility of managing different articles within the same Visual Scheme.
  • Possibility to filter any projection on the Visual Layout by order, delivery note, customer, article or any other filter on request.
  • Matching with any visual information in a classic table view.
  • Projection on the Visual Layout of what is being processed and what is in stock for each phase.
  • Projection on the Visual Layout of the future production still to be released for each phase, according to the current orders.
  • Projection on the assembly phase (and on other phases in which several parallel processes converge), of the order notes that can be prepared, i.e. the availability in the warehouse of all the semi-finished products.

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