Proactive and automatic management thanks to the possibility of developing smart plugins or those with artificial intelligence for production.

APP, the most important module of our product suite, allows for detailed control and planning, and proactive and automated management.
Thanks to smart plugins, it is possible to manage each phase of the production process in advance and create a budget useful for achieving company objectives.

  • Automatic spreading of order notes on slots.
  • Possibility of manual allocation.
  • Percentage of production capacity usage.
  • Automatic planning realignment.
  • To Order Synchronisation with current allocations.
  • To Receive Synchronisation with current allocations.
  • Detailed management of the supply chain and setting of workers’ production capacity and processing cycles.
  • Use of the “what if” function to determine what happens to the master plan, in the event of a change in production and/or forecast constraints.
  • Requests automatically.

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