The Centro Commerciale Valfreddana Srl department store is a company which is part of the Del Debbio Spa group. It is located 10 minutes off Lucca, on the road to Camaiore (Torre, n. 8133).

Its activity is the sale (either to the public and wholsale) of a large range of products for the domains of agriculture, electricity, plumbing, hardware, gardening, household. car accessories and so on.

Centro Commerciale Valfreddana has a surface of 2.000 square meters as a selling area and shop, and 15.000 square meters outside as a store for materials and parking ares. A particular care is dedicated to iron for concrete, through the use of a special computer controlled machinery, which can produce in a short time customized iron based on the customers’ design.

Recently the company has made a series of substantial investments in order to brihg its structure and offices up to date and offer its customers high value services. Thus, it has become the Lucca leading company in the building domain, and other domains.

In recent years rental services have been developed too, and now customers can rent special equipments and instruments of various types and sizes to solve various situations, without the obligation to purchase the tool.

In cooperation with Gea Soft, Centro Commerciale Valfreddana, in addition to optimizing through Gea Edile the inventories check, a real time control of margins and others, recently has worked on special software solutions for the sale through mobile devices, wi-fi connected, and to manage the rent of construction equipment.