For all your Business Areas

Gea Soft applications can be successfully used in all your business areas, bringing the entire company or just part of it under your strict and direct control.


Hundreds of prototypes and samples in as many variants of materials and colors have to be managed every season, following the changes required by customers until the final version on which the sale price will be calculated. Gea Soft has the right tool to handle this important business area: Gea Style.


Once the collection has been completed and the sales campaign is over, before starting production the company must carry out a series of technical checks and tests to verify the product’s productivity: this set of activities is called Industrialization of the product, and Gea Collection, together with the collection’s preparation, helps you manage.

Sales Force Automation

The sales campaign is in progress: in trade fairs, in showrooms, at the customers’, salespeople are collecting orders to be quickly sent to distributors and / or producers: GeasyOrder will automatically send Gea Pelle / Gea Calza orders placed by agents through tablets.

Supply Chain

Customer orders have been entered in the Gea Calza / Gea Pelle ERP. Now the company must quickly evaluate raw materials and components requirements and orders materials to start production. Gea Calza and Gea Pelle ERPs will automatically calculate the exact materials to order to the various suppliers without considering the inventory in its warehouse and in those of its various suppliers, and excluding orders already produced.


Considering its production capacity and those of external working units, the company needs to draw a production plan and conduct a feasibility analysis based on available materials: Gea Planner meets this requirement.


The time has come to “launch” the production of technically-confirmed items: Gea Calza and Gea Pelle ERPs will provide the necessary documents (production sheets) with all the information necessary for workers at the various stages of production and suitably configured (grouped and/or separated) according to their specific needs. These documents will then be “advanced” to processing steps of the cycle set for each item / line proposing, where reqired, the necessary materials.

Tolling agreement

The external factories involved in the production process will have to be supplied with the materials needed for the production of the batches assigned to them and the company will need to constantly monitor the evolution and correctness of the quantities as well as the respect of production schedules: all this will will be accomplished by the specific modules of Gea Calza and Gea Pelle ERPs.

Quality control

The “Maison of Luxury” need to rely on reliable partners when it comes tp delivery times and meeting “Quality Standards” they have set: Gea QP (Quality Product) has been created to help the company keep these standards under control.


Correct warehouse management has become more and more stringent both for companies working off consignment” (for economic reasons) and on a “tolling agreement” (for a comparison with the Maison): Gea WMS 4.0 modifies stock inventory through the barcode reading to eliminate errors, and manage the location of materials for quick retrieval.

Anti counterfaiting

For this specific subject Gea Soft does not propose a solution of its own. We integrate in our ERP the solution proposed by Certilogo.


The finished product has been packed and is ready to be delivered to the customer. Through the barcode reading on packings Gea Picking and Shipment makes it possible to check the accuracy of packings and automatically issue delivery documents (bill of lading and packing list).


For accounting management the company can rely on the accuracy of Gea Conta the administration module by Gea Soft, which is completely integrated in the Gea Calza and Gea Pelle ERPs.

Management check

Check di Gestione is the module for efficient management control by Gea Soft. It can control the contribution margin, the break event point, can perform ABC customer analysis etc. These functions are possible thanks to the complete integration of the accounting module in the ERP.

Business Intelligence

With Gea B.I. you will get “dynamic” statistical analysis of all kinds by browsing the company data, available through the Datawarehouse which collects all information about company sales.