GEA PELLE is an ERP specifically made for companies producing leather goods.

GEA CALZA archives are open to the most common procedures by Microsoft (WordExcelAccess).

The software can associate JPG images to documents (such as production sheets) and can send as enclosed files to e-mail any print or document.

The platform used can be either CLIENT or SERVER-CLIENT and exploits the most used operating systems and databases (all versions of Windows and Linux).

The problems faced and solved concert all typical company areas in the footwear fiels, such as:

  • Customer orders
  • Raw materials consumptions
  • Supplier orders
  • Production sheets
  • Production management
  • Raw material warehouse, semimanufactured goods and finished goods
  • Sales and deliveries, including the printing of various labels and packing lists
  • Accounting and administrative management

Customer orders, raw material consumptions, supplier orders

One peculiar feature of GEA PELLE is the customer order management mode (which can be entered on line) which enables, when data is entered, VARIABLES on each model (different colours, materials and accessories, and so on). This makes it possible not to be forced to multiply the technical consumption sheets each time a variation on a model is required, which was not previously expected. Thus, orders are entered into the system with a simple and quick procedure.

Once the customer order is entered into the system, 90% of the work is done. Thanks to a deep integration among the various modules, raw material consumption is automatically calculated, and the relating orders for the various suppliers are generated (existing stocks of raw materials are also taken into account). Moreover, at the end of the production process deliveries are automatically managed.

Management of production, warehouse and deliveries

Through the advancement of production phases (also done by means of handheld devices and bar-code readers), in addition to monitoring order status, the following operations are automatically run:

  • Delivery notes for semi-manufactured goods are printed, with automatic calculation of the raw materials required by that production phase. The calculated amount is deducted in the warehouse management;
  • When recording the end of the production phase, the semi-manufactured good is automatically created, and the amount is added in the warehouse management, and if required a value is assigned to it;
  • Semi-manufactured goods are deducted in the warehouse management, and when the last production phase is recorded, the finished good is added to the warehouse management, and if required a value is assigned to it.

The delivery (which can be managed through handheld devices and bar-code readers) will occur as a consequence once the production process is over. Data will be the retrieved from the orders entered (as far as delivery and invoice addresses are concerned) and from the warehouse, for the availability of the articles in the various colours.

The Gea Pelle software by Gea Soft is customized for enterprises in the leather goods field, and is the ideal tool to manage all the working phases, from order to delivery.

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