The procedure is aimed at company managers. With this simple and flexible tool you will have a realistic and timely vision of productive and economic company trends and you can focus in detail the factors that determine them. The procedure allows you to manage multiple simulations. Starting from a first data analysis it will be possible to duplicate it, modify it and/or create new ones. The check through the cross analysis between accounting, production and prospective data displays:

The control board

Macro-analysis of current / historical accounting data and focus and comparison with production data (filter by season, product lines, customer …).

Possibility of verifying the economic impact with the insertion of forecast sales data and on variation of data such as commissions, shipping costs, etc. The control board provides a concise representation of the economic account with the highlighting of focal elements such as revenues, consumption, processing, for current and historical accounting data and for the identified focus.

The procedure will be display:


  • The income statement by nature (with incidences, deviations and inconsistencies analysis)
  • The reclassified balance sheet reclassified in assets and liablities (with incidences, deviations)
  • The economic / financial balance sheet indices (with dynamic index analysis)
  • The accounting data of the income statement can be integrated with the values ​​of the financial statement adjustments; moreover, functions are available to simulations (adjustments and simulation are automatically reflected on the balance sheet).

The forecast grid

The procedure, starting from the economic data identified by the focus in the control board, creates a matrix for the analysis of profitability as a cross between economic data of revenue sources (customers …) and of the homogeneous categories of products sold.

The data analyzed are represented by customers according to turnover (ABC classification, grouped by turnover) and types of models.

For each element the following data is displayed: revenues, % sales mix, % contribution margin, pairs and the number of models sold.

At the bottom of the grid is indicated a macro income statement for current, historical and Focus accounting data with indication of revenues, direct costs, indirect costs, company contribution margin, pairs, breakeven point and breakeven point in pairs.

It will be possible to simulate the effects on the income statement and breakeven point in case of variations – by model type – of pairs sold and / or the contribution margin.

With Gea Check di Gestione company managers have at their disposal an immediate and realistic checkup of economic and productive trends of the company.

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