GEA WMS 4.0 is a complete software for real-time warehouse management that does not use any paper support. It is based on a barcode identification system for the management of material handling data in every phase: goods arrival, goods unloades into the warehouse, material picking, DDT printing to partner factories / departments.

Work flow

1) Coding location of warehouse areas (lanes, shelves, etc.). Printing location labels (location code / barcode).

2) Assignment and / or generation of barcodes for semi-finished raw materials / materials.

3) In the procedure for registering the goods arriving from suppliers, the labels with the barcode identification to be applied to the incoming items will be printed, according to various criteria.

4) Procedure for printing labels with manual procedure.

5) Through the use of the mobile device the goods will be assigned to stock and associated with one or more codes. Use of the mobile device for:
– given the article: knowing where it is located
– given the location: viewing the articles present
– remove the item from a location code

6) Procedure for generating a picking list for a mobile device and / or in charge of picking up the goods from the warehouse (following the production progress or from the production check or the pre-list procedure).
Picking list procedure on the mobile terminal: it allows to list the items to be collected items sorted by location (if managed); the operator of the mobile terminal can “shoot” on the barcode (if managed) of the article or position himself on the code of the article to be taken and indicate the quantity taken. The operator will have different functions to operate in the list of picking lists such as displaying the preparation, the possibility of inserting more readings to collect goods on the same item, to adjust the quantities taken, to cancel a reading of goods taken and / or suspend the preparation of the picking list.

7) Implementation to the procedure of issuing the DDT in processing account so that giving the number of the picking list will be issued the transport document automatically avoiding the manual operation of correction of quantities as is done in the current management.

GEA WMS 4.0: simplicity that creates efficiency

With the Gea WMS 4.0 software you optimize the movement process of materials and printing of DDT to partner companies and departments.

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